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Five Different Ways To Wear A Pair Of Chunky Loafers

Chunky loafers


Loafers are a staple of the workplace, but some people get away with wearing them to work and others don’t. If you’re in the latter group and want to be taken seriously at your next conference or networking event, here are five ways you can wear loafers that will make it clear that you know what’s up.

Chunky Loafers + Fall Skirt

The chunky loafers are a great choice for the fall, as they can be paired with a variety of different outfits. You could wear them with a simple sweater and jeans, or you could add some flair by pairing them with your favorite pair of leggings or tunic.

If you’re going for an edgier look, try wearing leggings underneath your skirt and then adding some jewelry like cuff bracelets that match your outfit!

Chunky Loafers + Skinny Jeans

Chunky loafers are a classic, casual shoe that can be worn with just about anything. While jeans might be the most obvious pairing for these shoes, there are many other ways to wear them.

  • You could pair chunky loafers with your favorite T-shirt and a simple white tee from your favorite brand as you head out to grab coffee or lunch in the city center.
  • Alternatively, you could go all out by wearing them with skinny jeans and a simple top that compliments your body type well. These types of outfits will work well regardless if you’re going out on vacation or just hanging around at home relaxing after work hours!

Chunky Loafers + Chambray Shirt

Chambray shirts are a classic. They’re easy to wear, versatile, and look great with any outfit. A chunky loafer is an excellent choice for pairing with this style of shirt they add just enough contrast to keep the look from looking too serious or boring.

Chambray shirts can be worn in a variety of ways: tucked into jeans or slacks; paired with skinny jeans (or even leggings); buttoned up at the top for more formal occasions; left open over your favorite pair of jeans for casual Fridays at your local coffee shop; etcetera ad infinitum!

Chunky Loafers + Tweed Jacket

If you’re going for a more casual look, pairing chunky loafers with a tweed jacket is a great way to dress down your shoes. The texture of the leather will add some sleekness to an otherwise plain outfit, and it won’t feel too formal or formal enough for you. You can also choose this look if you have an extra relaxed day coming up that requires something easygoing and comfortable like when all you want to do is work from home or go out shopping with friends!

If that seems like too much work (or if there’s just no time), then maybe try wearing them in another style altogether: Chunky loafers are perfect when paired with skinny jeans because they’ll help elongate those legs while keeping everything else looking proportional

Chunky Loafers + Cropped Trousers

Chunky loafers are a great way to show off your footwear, and they can be worn with just about anything. Crop pants are a great choice when you want to wear chunky loafers with cropped trousers. This look is casual but still stylish and easy to wear, which makes it perfect for the weekend or after work!

You can also dress up your outfit by combining it with a top that’s more feminine than masculine, like this polka dot shirt from Forever 21 (if you’re interested in buying one yourself). Or if you like wearing shirts with stripes on them but aren’t sure what color would look best on you you’ll love this bright orange shirt from ASOS because its vibrant hue looks great against any skin tone!

You can Be Versatile With Chunky Loafers

When you’re in the market for a pair of chunky loafers, it can be hard to know where to start. There are so many options out there and they all look great! But if you’re not used to wearing shoes like these (or even just don’t know what they are), it can feel like a little bit of an uphill battle.

But don’t worry: we’ve got your back! We’ve rounded up five different ways that chunky loafers look great on everyone from first timers to seasoned pros. So whether you’re looking for some advice on how best to style your new shoes or just want some ideas about what type of outfits would work with them, here’s our list.

Pair Them With A Pleated Skirt

Chunky loafers are a great way to wear your chunky loafer in any kind of outfit. They can be paired with a pleated skirt or dress, but they also look great with jeans, khakis, and other casual pants. If you want to keep the look modest but still add some interest to your outfit, try wearing a tank top or tee underneath your pleated skirt so that it shows off the details of your shoes!

With Ankle Jeans, Cropped Pants, Or Leggings

Chunky loafers are a great alternative to sneakers. They go well with ankle jeans, cropped pants, or leggings. If you’re looking for something more casual, try them with a casual shirt dress or your favorite button up shirt.

Chunky loafers are also perfect for summer outfits since they don’t require much maintenance and will keep you cool and comfortable at all times during the warmer months of the year!


Chunky loafers are a great option for those who don’t want to sacrifice style or comfort. They are versatile enough to wear with many different outfits, so you can find one that works for you. Whether you choose to pair them with a dress shirt and jeans or go casual with shorts and a tee, there are so many options! As you can see, chunky loafers are versatile and can be worn with many different types of clothing. You can wear them as an everyday shoes or in a more formal setting.