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The Unexpectedly Chic Non-Shoe Of Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence


The actress wore her fluffy house slippers with a matching gold robe, likely from The Row’s latest collection. Jennifer Lawrence is no stranger to mixing comfort with style. She has been known for wearing comfy clothes and shoes to the red carpet for years. But this morning on Good Morning America, she went one step further and revealed what she wears under her gowns and it’s not just any old pair of flats or Uggs! Jennifer revealed that she loves house slippers because they’re so easy to slip on when you wake up early before heading off to work or class (or if you just want something comfortable). And while we’ve all seen other stars wear their favorite pajamas in public before including Miley Cyrus who rocked some crazy prints back in 2015 we’ve never seen someone pull off wearing a robe as casually as Jennifer did when she joined GMA on Tuesday morning (Aug. 12). Manhattan Mom was embodied by Jennifer Lawrence’s most recent stroller chic appearance. Tick, the Mets cap! Powerful pants? You betcha! New Balance running shoes Hold on, the actor substituted a more eccentric shoe for the Uptown version of normcore sneakers. Prepare for it. J-Law accessorized her park outfit with a simple pair of black ballet pumps that looked more like sports socks than ladylike flats. Naturally, The Row was the source of the off kilter cool style. The Ozzy slippers are made of paper thin, unlined stretch Nappa, which feels like velvet and brings out all the details of one’s toes. They retail for a not insignificant £720. One might wonder what assistance they provide when pounding the pavement. Absolute zero. Lawrence has previously ventured into the realm of outrageous footwear. The jelly shoe enthusiast spent her mat leave wearing a pair of sparkly Melissa fisherman’s sandals that brought back memories of family beach vacations as a child when wearing sea safe accessories was a top priority. The retro plastic fantastic buckle-ups looked fun on Jennifer and provided some temporary solace for those who are still perplexed by the ugly shoe craze. She doesn’t hesitate to wear Uggs in public, including both slippers and boots, and she continues to don her Adidas slides years after everyone else switched to Birkenstocks.

The Actress Wore A Pair Of House Slippers

House slippers are the perfect non-shoe for your next Zoom call. They’re soft and cozy, have a little bit of gold on the sole, and make you feel like your feet were meant to be there. Plus, they come in four different colors so that you can find the right shade of pink or blue to match whatever outfit you’re wearing at work today no matter if it’s an office job or freelance gig.

The slippers come in both men’s and women’s styles (and even two sizes), which means there’s no need to worry about getting the right fit before heading out into the world again with these adorable pieces by your side!

The Actress Wore Her Fluffy House Slippers

The actress wore her fluffy house slippers with a matching gold robe, likely from The Row’s latest collection. The robe is made of silk and retails for $2,950. The ensemble was finished off with the actress’ signature cat eye sunglasses and a gold bracelet.

Lawrence Completed The Luxurious Look

Jennifer Lawrence completed the luxurious look with a soft pink brush to keep her hair out of her face.

The actress is known for her bold fashion choices, and this time she went for something that would look great on both red carpets and in her own home.

It’s no surprise that the actress had a hard time taking off her shoes. The slippers are incredibly comfortable and very fluffy! If you’re looking for an extra cozy pair of slippers, check out Bloomingdale’s actress was recently seen wearing a stunning royal blue gown to the premiere of “Zoo” and chose a similar color for her makeup at the event. She went with a bold red lip that matched her dress perfectly, but this time she kept it simple with just a swipe of mascara and a touch of eye shadow.

Jennifer Lawrence’s First Appearance On Good Morning America

Jennifer Lawrence‘s first appearance on Good Morning America came on August 12, when she discussed her new film, Mother!

On the show’s set that day, Lawrence told host Robin Roberts how excited she was to be working with Darren Aronofsky again after their work together in Black Swan. She said that “he’s such an amazing director,” and added that he makes her feel like “a goddess.”

The Row’s Fluffy Slides Are Available

The Row’s Fluffy Slides are available in three colorways and retail for $675. They’re made in Italy, so you know they’re going to be high quality.

The slides are actually a new brand from The Row, but they’re already on sale at Net a Porter and The Row’s website (and can also be purchased at Neiman Marcus).

House Slippers Can Up Your Fashion Game

House slippers are a great way to relax and stay warm in the winter. They’re also a great gift idea, especially if you’re looking for something unique and stylish.

House slippers are comfortable and feel good on your feet, but they can be tricky to find at first glance. The best thing about these comfy shoes is how versatile they are: they can work as both house shoes or lounge slippers!

If you want something more formal than just your everyday house shoes (or even pajamas), consider getting yourself some fancy leather ones instead of cotton ones like I would suggest here because then people will know exactly what kind of lifestyle/style you have going on when wearing them around town all day long!


Wearing house slippers with a robe is an easy way to up your fashion game. The Fluffy Slides are available in three colorways and retail for $675, which I think is worth it considering all the other perks they offer. So if you’re looking for something to wear while catching up on some TV shows, try these on!