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The LBD’s Replacement In 2022 Is The Slouchy Suit



The LBD is one of the most recognizable pieces of fashion in history. It’s been around for over 20 years now, but it was only recently that designers started putting their spin on the classic look. While some have chosen to keep things traditional with corseted bodices and puffed sleeves, others have created new versions of this timeless dress including a slouchy suit!

By The Time 2022 Rolls Around

By 2022, the little black dress has been around for 20 years. The classic piece of clothing is a staple in every woman’s wardrobe and can be worn at any time, whether it’s a fancy event or just a night on the town with friends. It’s versatile enough that you don’t need to worry about what your outfit will look like if one day you decide to wear it again after putting it away for months or even years!

The LBD is 20 years old. That’s a long time in fashion, and it’s also a little bit shocking to realize that the era of low rise jeans, crop tops, and crocs aka as far from timelessness as you can get is also ours. But there are other ways to look at this:

  • If you’re going for an authentic ’90s feel with your outfit choices (or just want some more room for dancing), go ahead and wear your favorite LBDs from then! You’ll fit right in at any party thrown by someone who remembers the early days of CD ‘n’ cassette swaps.
  • If you’re looking for something new but don’t want anything too risky or out of the-box thinking about what people will think about wearing them today (aka trying too hard), then take advantage of these trends before they fade away completely which means buying one now before everyone else does!

But Not That Far From Where We Are Now

But not that far from where we are now, when comfort, sustainability, and utility have become key to our purchases. The slouchy suit is the natural evolution of the LBD and it’s meant to be worn both together and separately.

Its origins can be traced back to the ’90s when designers such as Alexander McQueen started using knit fabrics in their designs. They were followed by other designers like Marc Jacobs who used similar materials as well as chunky knit pieces in his collections throughout 2010-2011 (the same period when you might have been wearing your first LBD).

In 2015 designer Margiela brought us another style: Heathrow jackets made from soft fleece fabric with a relaxed fit (or “slouch”) which looked great paired with jeans or leggings for daytime wear; later on this became known as “shrinkage” because it proportions resemble those of an adult baby doll which makes sense given that its intended wearer is someone who likes dressing up but doesn’t want to appear too feminine.

The Slouchy Suit Is A Natural Evolution

The slouchy suit is a natural evolution of the little black dress.

The LBD was born in the 90s and it’s now 20 years old. The slouchy suit is a natural evolution because it has some of the same elements as the original LBD: it’s fitted at its waist, but loose around your hips; there are no sleeves or much coverage; and it comes with a high waisted skirt (but without an empire waist).

go make your way through town looking like a million dollars (or at least ten thousand dollars).

The LBD has always been known as one of the most versatile garments in fashion history; however, with this new silhouette that comes complete with an elastic waistband and drawstring details throughout its body, we think they’ve outdone themselves yet again!

The Suit Comes In A Variety Of Fabrics

There are several ways to wear the LBD, but it’s most commonly seen in two forms: slouchy and straight. The first is more relaxed than its predecessor and has been described as “the perfect fit for all occasions.” This look features wide lapels with plenty of room around your hips and waist. It looks great when paired with skinny jeans or high waisted trousers that hit just above the knee (or even lower).

The second iteration is tailored but still smart enough to be worn on an everyday basis and unlike many other types of suits, it doesn’t require you to spend hours ironing your shirt before going out for drinks after work! For those who prefer something more fitted or conservatively cut, this option will do just fine as well.

If You Want To Get Ahead Of The Trend

If you want to get ahead of the trend, influencers like Jeanette Madsen have already been rocking hers on Instagram. She has 2 million followers and a huge following on her blog, where she posts fashion tips and tutorials.

Her favorite look is this slouchy suit that sits low on the hips but flares out at the waist with a buttoned belt. It’s perfect for women who want something casual but still can be dressed up when needed and it looks pretty good no matter what your body type is!

What Once Was Prim And Proper

The LBD will always be a classic and it’s no surprise that the slouchy suit is just one more evolution of this look. It’s important to note that, unlike the LBD which was originally designed for workwear purposes, the slouchy suit works best with casual outfits like jeans and sweatshirts. This can give you an easy to wear outfit that looks great in any season!

The style also makes it easier to dress up or down depending on what you’re going for: if you’re planning on meeting friends after work and need something comfortable enough to wear around town all night long (or even if it’s just dinner), then go ahead slick back those hair ties! But if there are going to be cocktails afterward? Get your heels ready!


We’ve seen a lot of changes in our fashion world over the past decade, but none of them have been as monumental as what’s happening now. The LBD is on its way out, and we can hardly wait to see what comes next!