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You’ve probably heard the phrase “Wedding dress code” a lot in your life, but what exactly does it mean? Well, as it turns out, there’s no one way to be married (or even have a wedding). You can have your ceremony at home or on top of an airplane. You can invite only your closest friends and family or bring the whole world out for the celebration. The point is that whatever path you choose there are some basic guidelines about what you need to wear for your big day. We’re going to walk through them step by step so that you know exactly how to dress appropriately when planning your wedding day.

Wedding Dress Code 101

Wedding dress codes are a common part of wedding planning. You can find them at most venues and some hotels, but they’re not always required. If you’ve been invited to a wedding and haven’t been notified about the dress code beforehand (and if you’re going as yourself), it’s best to ask about it beforehand so that there aren’t any surprises on your big day!

Wedding themes are also important when choosing what type of clothing will make sense for each guest attending an event like this. For example: if one half of your guests came dressed in formal attire while the other half showed up in something more casual that would make sense because they wanted different things out of their experience together!

If A Dress Code Is Not Included In The Invitation, Ask The Host About It

If there is no dress code, ask the hostess or someone else who is attending. If you cannot get in touch with anyone, try asking other guests if they know anything about the dress code.

If you don’t know any of these people, ask the bride and groom!

If you are still in the dark about what to wear, try calling a few places that specialize in bridal attire. They may be able to help you select a dress or suit that is appropriate for the wedding.

If you cannot find out what to wear, it is best to go with a conservative suit. Ladies, this means that if you are planning on wearing a dress, it should be long enough that you can sit down without revealing anything inappropriate.

Wedding Attire For Men Depends On The Time Of Day And The Formality Of The Event

  • Men should wear a suit.
  • Men should wear a tie.
  • Men should wear a jacket (not required, but it’s nice).
  • A shirt and vest are optional accessories, depending on the formality of the event and time of day. If you want to look sharp, go ahead and throw on one or both! It will make you feel good inside knowing that you’re doing your best not just for yourself but also for everyone who is watching your big day unfold before them and if there aren’t any spectators around then at least try to look extra sharp just so they know how hardworking this guy is! Also, keep in mind since we’re talking about weddings here. sometimes wedding attire isn’t always appropriate.”

Start With A Classic Dress Or Jumpsuit In A Neutral Color Before You Move On To Bolder Prints And Colors

The first thing you should do is start with a classic dress or jumpsuit in a neutral color. Then move on to bolder prints and colors, but don’t forget that you can still make a statement with your accessories!

If you’re feeling adventurous, try something new that doesn’t mean it won’t work out for the situation at hand, just make sure that whatever choice you make fits well with what others are wearing around them as well as yourself.

Keep The Accessories Simple, But Have Fun with them to Express Your Style

  • Wear a hat. It’s the easiest way to add interest and dimension to your outfit, but it doesn’t have to be a big deal. A simple fedora or beanie will do just fine, or if you’re feeling extra confident, try one of these retro inspired styles from our archives:
  • Wear a scarf as an earring. This is another easy way to make an accessory stand out and it’s especially fun when you pair it with some other unexpected things like necklaces or rings around your wrists! If you’re having trouble finding something small enough (or finding anything at all), consider getting some fabric scraps together before heading into town so that when inspiration strikes later on during wedding week, there will already be something ready made waiting for purchase just in case!

Wear a hat that matches your dress. This is one of the easiest ways to make an outfit look cohesive and put-together, but it’s not the only way! If you’re feeling extra creative or maybe just a little bit silly, try wearing something on top of your head that matches the color of your bridesmaid attire (or even goes beyond).

There Are Many Different Ways To Follow Wedding Dress Codes Without Sacrificing Your Style

If you’re not sure what the dress code at your wedding is, ask! It’s important to understand how far you can go with your style. If people are wearing black tuxedos and long dresses, by all means, wear something that reflects that. But if they’re in business suits, it’s probably best to stick with something similar.

In any case, remember: there are many different ways to follow wedding dress codes without sacrificing your style as well as keeping yourself comfortable during the reception!


Now that you’ve read through all of the etiquette rules and information, we hope it has helped you decide how to dress for a wedding. It’s easy enough to follow the rules, but it takes some creativity on your part to make sure that your outfit fits within the guidelines. The best way is by thinking about what will go well with your personality and personal style weighing things like comfort and ease against appearance and then choosing accordingly. And remember: Don’t forget about accessories such as jewelry or shoes!