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Israel Ministry of Health Approves Aleph Foods’ Cultivated Beef Steaks

Aleph Foods

Aleph Foods, a pioneering firm in the cultivated meat industry, has achieved a significant milestone with the approval from the Ministry of Health (MOH), as indicated by the ‘No Questions’ letter issued this week. This marks the groundbreaking approval of non-chicken cultivated meat, a historic development not only for Aleph Foods but also the first of its kind in the Middle East.

The MOH dispatched the ‘No Questions’ letter to Aleph in December, confirming the company’s innovative approach to developing products derived from cattle cells, aptly referred to as the building blocks of beef. In Aleph Foods‘ news release dated January 17, the company highlights how this method substantially mitigates the environmental impact associated with traditional farming practices.

Didier Toubia, Co-founder and CEO of Aleph Farms, expressed the team’s unity and resolve during challenging times in Israel. Toubia stated, “The entire Aleph team has united in strength and determination to deliver no matter what during these difficult times in Israel. We are excited to carry this resilience forward in the form of innovation in agriculture and food security.” He emphasized that innovation has been integral to Israel’s vision, citing early kibbutz practices and modern drip irrigation as examples. Toubia added that with its global leadership position in cellular agriculture, Israel continues to strive for increased regional integration and economic collaboration.

In their pursuit of creating a variety of cultivated beef products known as Aleph Cuts, the company has partnered with renowned chef Marcus Samuelsson. Aleph Farms asserts that Samuelsson will collaborate closely to craft unique culinary experiences centered around their Aleph Cuts products.

Toubia believes that addressing common challenges like food security is crucial for ensuring prosperity, not only for the Middle East but also for other regions heavily reliant on massive food imports, particularly Asia. He expressed gratitude towards the Ministry of Health, the Israel Innovation Authority, and all other government agencies involved for their commitment to advancing the world’s first cultivated beef product. Toubia reiterated Aleph Farms’ dedication to making the world a better place.

According to Food Dive, Aleph Foods is now prepared to produce and market their product in food service and retail locations while actively engaging with regulatory officials in other regions.