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Is Mobile app still relevant in 2024

Yes Obviously, mobile app plays a vital role while crafting and creating app for different ios and android platform .According to business of apps over more than six billion mobile app user across the globe so no doubt to tell you Its a booming industry and always be booming .Many reputed company provides all in mobile app development solutions worldwide which increase there revenues more than 10+ millions per years .

In this continuous gale of the digital revolution, the creation of smartphone apps doesn’t depend now on one specific realm but it focus on fulfilling the needs of businesses and developers worldwide. As the demand for mobile apps is booming, Ionic Framework appears to be the ideal and formidable solution for it.

Top Reasons to Opt for Flutter for Your Business App

Following are some explanations for why startups should capitalize on this hybrid platform technology.

Flutter is Far Cost-Effective than Other Platforms

Flutter favors minor prerequisites of a company. The cross-platform capacities of the framework make it a considerable option for app development in the future. Fresher industries can select Flutter to create lightning-fast apps with nice characteristics and layouts at a lower reserve and restricted prerequisites.

Flutter offers the best user experience

Flutter makes it simpler for creators to introduce a Flutter-based UI virtually on any forum. For this, it uses its rendering machine, which enables creators not to alter the UI while changing to another forum.

Flutter Improves productivity with hot-reloading

Flutter is recognized for its Hot restoring process that stimulates developers’ & engineers’ coordination. For modifications in the UI, the engineer does them and both creator & engineer can instantly discern those modifications during development. This protects most time and effort.

Flutter Apps are Highly Responsive

Apps created with Flutter can appropriately run on any platform with no modifications to Dart code. The app’s built-in Flutter is highly responsive making flutter the best option for companies from mobile to web and desktop too.

Flutter Offers Easy access to third-party plugins

Flutter app development appears with a vast option of free-to-use plugins and widgets. This enables a smoother flutter app development procedure. Moreover, the availability of the UI appliance kit makes the development procedure instinctive and flawless.

Flutter offers a wide variety of widgets

Compatibility to adjust to various screen size cases is no longer an issue. Flutter has a wide variety of widgets with the substantial capacity to let creators create complicated interfaces without implicating any problems.  

Apple is widely known to start megatrends, and Bento was just one of these. Every designer and their uncle was using Bento for presentations, websites, product launches, and the list goes on.

The biggest difference between older bento-like designs and the new trend, is that each section of the grid signifies a unique space instead of being a part of a group.

Unlike a lot of other UI design trends, Bento is actually evolving to be more than just a pretty layout style. It has now evolved to include product demos, mixed with some other unique layouts, and even stylised with new visual design concepts.

Bento is another design trend that started making waves on platforms like Dribbble and Behance for millions of designers to pick up on, however the concept of “modular” design started with dashboards for websites. This includes sales and finance dashboards like PayPal, analytics like Google Ads, and a bunch more.

Remember Windows phone and Lumia? Well, the UI they used was essentially early iterations of Bento designs. Later, Microsoft also implemented this concept to their Windows desktop start menu with Windows 8. So if you are worry about mobile app then don’t need top worry more about that .